[NEWS]SHINee releases Onew’s teaser photos for “Dream Girl”!


SHINee has released the teaser images for Onew! This follows the news of their anticipated return with their 3rd full length album.

Key‘s teasers were released first, and hinted at the concept of this new album. SM Entertainment revealed the concept of the photos were ‘dream’ when they released Taemin‘s, Jonghyun’s, and Minho‘s photos. Today, the ‘dreamy’ concept continues with the new photos of Onew.

The album will be revealed through iTunes as well as domestic music sites on the 19th and the title track will be called “Dream Girl“. SM Entertainment promises that this new release will be another comeback that showcases the unique charms of the group.

Stay tuned to the teaser photo thread for high quality pictures!


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[me2day]130211 Minho me2day Update

[민호] 여러분 기억나요? 제굴욕사진합성대회 ㅠ설연휴 마지막특집 김종현님을 위해 김종현 한복사진합성대회를 엽니다.ㅋㅋ 드디어 복수의 시간! 오늘 하루 Dream Girl 기다리는 팬여러분을 위해^^ 미투에 많이 올려주시고 인상적인 사진은 모두함께 공유 합니다. 파이팅
[Minho] Everyone, do you remember? My humiliating picture editing competition ㅠ The final Lunar New Years weekend special. The Kim Jonghyun hanbok picture editing competition for Kim Jonghyun-nim’s sake is open. Keke it’s finally time for revenge! For all the fans who were waiting for Dream Girl today^^ Please post a lot on mitu and I’ll share the memorable pictures all together. Fighting.


[민호] 아래글에 이어서… 여러분이 재미있게 김종현님 한복사진을 재미있게 합성해주셔서 본인 미투에 올려주시고, 여기에 댓글로 합성사진내용과 미투 링크를 남겨주시면 제가 볼 수 있겠죠? 연휴 마지막날 여러분 많이 만들어서 공유해주세요!^^

[Minho] Continuing from the previous post … You all can edit Kim Jonghyun-nim’s hanbok picture in a fun way and post it on your own mitu. If you leave a reply here with the details of your edited picture and a mitu link, I’ll be able to see it, right? Please make a lot of them for the last day of the holiday and share!^^


Translated by : kimchi hana@shineee.net

[VIDEO]121223 SHINee – Music For All,All For One



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[NEWS]130210 SHINee Minho teaser comeback notice. Pictorial Force

Minho Teaser for SHINee _Dream Girl

Before comeback SHINee member Minho’s Lightning unveiled a teaser image.
Authentic activities prior to the members’ teaser images through a global SM Town official website, including Twitter, Facebook, Wei Bo, from the past seven days, the public is being SHINee Minho’s new album containing pictures to the public.
Especially Minho, as well as singer-turned-actor drama as much as deliver unique atmosphere. Dressed in vivid costumes fit in the concept of ‘Dream’ atmosphere.
Shiny 19 days is a regular source of home, including the title song ‘Dream I Dream Girl’ will be released worldwide through iTunes and various music sites.

Minho Teaser for SHINee _Dream Girl1

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[TEASER]130210 Minho “Dream Girl” Teaser For SHINee 3rd Album

Minho Teaser for Dream Girl

Minho Teaser for SHINee _Dream Girl

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[PICS]130210 Onew – SHINee MBC “Wonderful Day” Surprise Vacation In Thailand
















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[VIDEO]130210 SHINee “Wonderful Day” Surprise Vacation




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