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[NEWS] SHINee celebrates their 4th anniversary


Back on May 25th, 2008, SHINee made their official debut on SBS‘s “Inkigayo” with their track“Replay“. To help celebrate their 4th anniversary, SHINee left a video message to their fans.
In the video, Jonghyun states that it’s already been 4 years and how time flies by fast. Taeminmentions

how he was only 16 years old when they first debuted and he’s now already 20. They stated that they will continue to work hard and will greet their fans once again next year on May 25, 2013 for their 5th anniversary.
From humble beginnings to top Kpop stars, they’ve come a long way. For Onew, Jonghyun, Key, Minho, and Taemin along with Shawols, Happy 4th Anniversary.

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[PHOTO/TRANS] SHINee 4th Anniversary Official site update 120525


It’s our 4th anniversary. ^^
The long yet short time we’ve spent with you all makes me very happy. ^^
We’ve been focusing on our activities in Japan recently~
We’re having a fun time!
I will work hard in order to create even better times. ^^
Let’s all enjoy it together! Woohoo, ha.
You who will continue spend more time with us!
I love you. ^^
Everybody fantastic chicken


Hello, this is SHINee’s Bling Bling Jonghyun
it’s 4 years!
We are four years old hehe it’s amazing!
In the future we will continue to live well for a long long time!!
Thank you woo~


Four years have already passed
since we introduced ourselves with “Hello, we are the shining SHINee”…
The SHINee members, staff, and our SHINee World
have always been together in laughter, in tears and in hard times, in happy times.
I am very thankful and thankful again for those times ~
I hope more things can become happy
as much as this time right now is ^^
Thank you for always
creating an awesome movie with me ~~
You know that the day for the ending credits to roll is still far away, right ?^^
I always want to be by your side…
I sincerely thank you and thank you again~
Thank you and I love you. ^^


I’m SHINee’s cool man Taemin~!^^
I’m SHINee’s makdoongi Taemin!^^
Everyone, it’s already been 4 years for us.
There were many hiatuses and we were overseas a lot,
but I have always thought about all of SHINee World.
It’s the same for you all, right? haha
And I have finally turned 20 years old
and have become a mature man haha.
Don’t fall for me too much. ^^
Anyway, I really miss you.
Please wait a little longer, everyone. Huhu we will run to you quickly haha.
Anyway, please look forward to SHINee who is growing up quickly.
Continue to give us lots and lots of love~
I love you, SHINee world
This has been SHINee’s Taemin
who has become a cute but cool man.
Bbuing bbuing~~
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 It’s our 4th anniversary.. It’s already our 4th anniversary!
I think everybody and we as well have run restlessly and leaned against each other.
Please continue to take care of us. We will promote from the bottom of our hearts!
I love you. Thank you 🙂

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