{NEWS} SHINee illustrations unveiled for upcoming webtoon series ‘ENT’

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Following their labelmates Girls’ Generation, an illustration of SHINee as manhwa characters for the webcomic “ENT” has been revealed. The group is wearing casual clothing, with the hairstyles from their most recent “Sherlock” promotions.

“ENT” is about a newly-debuted girl group member and her relationship with a famous fanfic writer, who uses tidbits from her life for stories. It is written by Yoo Inhwan, who partnered with SM Entertainment to make the comic. Because it features the entertainment industry so prominently, the cameos by SM artists give the comic a foot in reality.

“ENT” will be published on Japanese manhwa site Club Sunday on May 30th before becoming available on Naver on July 4th. An illustration of f(x)’s cameo will also be revealed soon.


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Source/Credit: Koreaboo+shineee.net