{NEWS}Super Junior’s Kim Ki Bum lets Park Ye Jin rest her head on his lap

Kim Ki Bum, who gains popularity by appealing a pure image of a fourteen-year-old boy and a sexy charm of a twenty-five-year-old simultaneously, was spotted becoming Park Ye Jin’s private “pet.”

In the episode of tvN’s I Love Italy which will broadcast on June 11, the lead actor Kim is seen in a romantic scene with More


{PICS}120608 tvN ‘I Love Lee Taeri’ Twitter Update’ – Kibum








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120606 tvN ‘I Love Lee Taeri’ Twitter Update’ – Kibum







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{NEWS}Super Junior’s Kim Kibum shows off his perfect body proportions

Super Junior’s Kim Kibum recently showed off his perfect body proportions.
The singer and actor flaunted his marvelous figure through a picture taken on the set of tvN’s new Monday-Tuesday series I Love Italy.

Kibum successfully attained glamorous six packs through thorough diet and More

{NEWS}Super Junior’s Kibum shows off his sexy abs

Super Junior’s Kibum recently showed off his innocent yet sexy, masculine look.

In the photos from the fashion magazine First Look, published on May 16, Kibum is in various different poses, portraying a boy with a gloomy look and a man with various charms.

In a close-up photo, Kim is portraying a boy with a gloomy look, intensely gazing into the camera. In another photo where Kim is standing with his top off, he is showing off his upper body muscles and perfect abs.

At an interview with him, Kibum said, “I built these muscles only in six weeks. I rarely ate and just kept exercising. As an actor, I had a responsibility to fit myself into the character. It’s good because summer is coming soon anyway.”

About conditions a good man needs to have, Kibum said, “The man needs to protect his girl always and needs to know that his girl is very precious.”

He also said, “The drama series Deep Rooted Tree brought me one step closer to my dream of becoming an actor. I’ve always wanted to become an actor like Han Suk Kyu. I don’t have to go to the Cannes. All I want is just being able to act continuously. I’m a very lucky man because I’m living my life doing what I want.”

Kibum was recently cast in tvN’s new drama series I Love Italy. It will start airing on May 28.



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120516 tvN ‘I Love Italy/Lee Taeri’ Twitter Update – Kibum



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{PIC}120511 tvN ‘I Love Italy/Lee Taeri’ Official Twitter Update – Kibum

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