[VIDEO]130211 MBC Idol Athletic Championship – Minho cut

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[PICS]130210 Minho – Photo with Gil Sung Hoon


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[NEWS]130210 SHINee Minho teaser comeback notice. Pictorial Force

Minho Teaser for SHINee _Dream Girl

Before comeback SHINee member Minho’s Lightning unveiled a teaser image.
Authentic activities prior to the members’ teaser images through a global SM Town official website, including Twitter, Facebook, Wei Bo, from the past seven days, the public is being SHINee Minho’s new album containing pictures to the public.
Especially Minho, as well as singer-turned-actor drama as much as deliver unique atmosphere. Dressed in vivid costumes fit in the concept of ‘Dream’ atmosphere.
Shiny 19 days is a regular source of home, including the title song ‘Dream I Dream Girl’ will be released worldwide through iTunes and various music sites.

Minho Teaser for SHINee _Dream Girl1

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[TEASER]130210 Minho “Dream Girl” Teaser For SHINee 3rd Album

Minho Teaser for Dream Girl

Minho Teaser for SHINee _Dream Girl

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[PICS]Minho – Gimpo Airport Back From Shanghai



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[PICS]121101 SHINee “Dazzling Girl Showcase” In Fukuoka


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[PICS]121027 Minho – SWC II In Hongkong

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