{NEWS}Super Junior’s Eunhyuk takes a picture with his parents

eunhyuk with parent

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk released his family picture on Parents’ Day.

On May 8, Eunhyuk uploaded a picture of himself with his parents on his Twitter account with the comment, “I love you, dad and mom! I suppose you’re really fortunate because you have a son like me! I also want to have a son like me in the future. I cannot forget your smiling faces after you got some money from me. I worked really hard for it so don’t waste it, please!”

In the picture, Eunhyuk is pointing at carnation corsages he put on his parents. As it was a meaningful day, he’s staring at the camera with a bright smile on his face. Eunhyuk is especially attracting attention with his face that resembles his mother.

People responded: “It’s nice to see you with your parents,” “I love your family picture,” “He really looks like his mother.”

Source: Starnews
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