{NEWS} The 10 K-pop Groups Most Likely to Break into America – SHINee

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With the recent success of boy bands like One Direction and The Wanted, it would be foolish not to take a group like SHINee as serious contenders for American crossover. The quintet has released catchy Korean electro-pop singles including “Ring Ding Dong” and “Lucifer.”; recent single “Sherlock” not only showcases their emphasis on captivating hooks, but also recalls the vocal stylings of the Jackson 5. “Sherlock” in particular is notable in any genre as a “hybrid remix,” mashing up two different tracks from their latest EP, tracks “Clue” and “Note”. Several members can also speak English.

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{NEWS} Taiwanese Celebrity Yao Yao mentions SHINee and Key

Taiwanese Celebrity Yao Yao mentions “SHINee” and “Key” 120515 

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(Translation) @瑶瑶黄以安 : Today, I went to Lena Rosa and received my gift, SHINee’s CD, from Elaine.Really happy ♥♥♥ You can tell who I like the most right? Thank You Elaine ♥ S/N : Yao Yao 瑶瑶 (real name : Huang Yi An 黄以安) is a Taiwanese Celebrity, Singer, MC – She is most notable for her regular appearance in Taiwanese popular variety Show 黑涩会美眉.

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{PICS}SHINee – ‘Sherlock’ Japanese Version Album Scans/Photos

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