[PICS]121019 JYJ For NII Winter Collection

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[PICS]JYJ For NII Winter

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SM and JYJ fail to mediate

SM Entertainment and group JYJ (Kim Jae Joong, Park Yoo Chun, Kim Jun Su), who are in opposition to each other over their contract, More

JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun releases his studio—“I have blurred eyes today, which makes it hard to work for me”

JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun recently released his studio.

In the morning of June 3, Park tweeted a photo with the caption, “Only in my mind have I already finished the work. I have blurred eyes today, which makes it hard to work for me. I’m going to bed now. Good morning.”

In the photo, Park’s studio is seen. The photo seems More

{NEWS}JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong: “Don’t worry about Park Yoo Chun”

JYJ’s Kim Jae Joong recently told their fans not to worry about Park Yoo Chun.

On June 28, Kim tweeted a picture with the comment, “C-JeS family worked hard for the JYJ Membership Week. Please enjoy the event as much as you can. I felt really sorry for Park today but he smiled when he looked around the exhibition hall. Don’t worry.”

In the picture, Kim Jae Joong and Kim Jun Soo are posing More

{NEWS}Park Yoo Chun misses opening ceremony for ‘JYJ Membership Week’

JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun didn’t appear at the opening ceremony for the ’2012 JYJ Membership Week’ due to an eye infection.

JYJ attended the ’2012 JYJ Membership Week,’ which was held at SETEC in Seoul on June 28, but Park didn’t appear at a press event and made people curious.

A spokesperson for JYJ said, “All three of them came to the opening ceremony. But Park has a swollen face due to an eye infection. He went to the hospital this morning but he couldn’t even cover his swollen face with sunglasses. After the discussion, Park decided not to appear at the opening ceremony, which is only opened to the media. Park will look around the exhibition hall with other members and watch the videos and pictures.”

The spokesperson added, “Park feels very sorry about it. He watched the opening ceremony from the sidelines. He will do his best to get better.”

The ’2012 JYJ Membership Week,’ which is conducted by C-JeS Entertainment, will be held for 4 days until July 1. Around 7,000 Japanese fans entered Korea and drew a lot of attention.



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[NEWS] 120620 JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun Listens to Kim Junsu’s Solo Album the Most

by JYJ3 Team

We reported earlier that JYJ’s Park Yoo Chun was inBali for vacation, but it turns out he was also working during his birthday, shooting some gorgeous photos with fashion magazine Elle.

Following the success of SBS’ Rooftop Prince, Park Yoo Chun flew to Bali to celebrate his birthday, take a vacation and participate in a photo shoot.

In the photos, Park Yoo Chun exuded manly charisma while also promoting the beauty of Bali.

In the interview that followed the photo shoot, Park Yoo Chun was asked, “Do you have any burdens when it comes to acting?”

Park Yoo Chun replied, “I think this time, I emptied out my heart and started the project. I was able to act while enjoying it and that actually brought good results.”

When asked about what albums he listens to the most, he replied affectionately, “I listen to Kim Junsu’s solo album a lot. I’m so proud that he’s a member of our group.”

He also sent encouraging messages to Kim Junsu and Kim Jae Joong, wishing them a good luck in musical and acting endeavors.

As it was his 26th birthday on June 4, the day of the photo shoot, Elle threw a small barbeque party for the birthday boy, who thanked the staff, saying, “I’ve never celebrated my birthday outside of Korea since my debut.”

Park Yoo Chun’s Bali pictorial will be available in the July edition of Elle.

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